EnglishBoloTM a registered Trade Mark and a registered domain, are jointly owned by English Helper Education Technologies Pvt Ltd and IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd subject to the following Privacy Policy.


At EnglishBoloTM, we know you care about your personal information, so we have prepared this privacy policy (our “Privacy Policy”) to explain how we collect, use and share it. By using or accessing the Service, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy. We may update our Privacy Policy to reflect changes to our information practices.


When you use EnglishBoloTM you provide us with two types of information: (i) information you submit via the Service and (ii) information regarding your use of the Service collected by us as you interact with the Service.
When you enter the Website or access the EnglishBoloTM application from a mobile device, we collect your browser type and your IP address (a unique address that identifies your computer on the Internet). When you use our mobile Application, we collect your device type, your device ID, and your IP address. In addition, we store certain information from your browser using "cookies."
Through the registration process you may provide us with your name and email address, hometown, and other information that may be requested during the registration process.
When you use the Service you may submit information and content to your profile, generate Activity Data through engaging in educational activities on the Service, or send messages and otherwise transmit information to other users. We store this information so that we can provide you the Service and offer personalised features.
When you use the Service to take an assessment in the EnglishBoloTM Teacher classes, you must provide access to your computer’s webcam and microphone. We will use them to record you during the entire assessment period (“Testing Video”). While using the EnglishBoloTM Assessments, you will submit answers to questions and other information as part of the self evaluation process. We will store that information and use it as it may deem fit to enhance and improve the processes.
We do not share your personal information with third parties unless it is necessary to offer the Service or required by law (see below for specifics).


We may use your contact information to send you notifications regarding new services offered by EnglishBoloTM that we think you may find valuable. EnglishBoloTM may also send you service-related announcements from time to time through the general operation of the Service. Generally, you may opt out of such emails.
Profile information is used by EnglishBoloTM to be presented back to and edited by you when you access the Service and to be presented to other users. In some cases, other users may be able to supplement your profile, including by submitting comments (which can be deleted by you).
EnglishBoloTM may use or share aggregate or anonymous data collected through the Service, including Activity Data, for purposes such as understanding or improving the service.
When you take an assessment in EnglishBoloTM, EnglishBoloTM will use your Testing ID, and other information available to EnglishBoloTM to validate your actual identity so that we may provide accurate testing results. During the assessment, we will use your PC’s camera and microphone throughout the assessment to collect a Video recording, this Video may also be used by our research team for examination, validation and improvement purposes.


EnglishBoloTM shares your personally-identifiable information only when it is reasonably necessary to offer the Service, legally required, or permitted by you. For example:
We may provide personally-identifiable information to service providers who help us bring you the Service, such as hosting the Service at a co-location facility or sending email updates.
We may be required to disclose personally-identifiable information in response to lawful requests, such as subpoenas or court orders, or in compliance with applicable laws. Additionally, we may share account or other personally-identifiable information when we believe it is necessary to comply with law, to protect our interests or property, to prevent fraud or other illegal activity perpetrated through the Service or using the EnglishBoloTM name, or to prevent imminent harm. This may include sharing personally-identifiable information with other companies, lawyers, agents or government agencies.
If the ownership of all or substantially all of the EnglishBoloTM business, or individual business units or assets owned by EnglishBoloTM that are related to the Service were to change, your personally-identifiable information may be transferred to the new owner. In any such transfer of information, your personally-identifiable information would remain subject to this section.


You have at all times the right to delete your account with EnglishBoloTM by following the instructions available through the Service. After your account is deleted we will retain aggregate or anonymous data collected through the Service, including Activity Data, which may be used by EnglishBoloTM and shared with third parties in any manner. Information associated with the EnglishBoloTM Assessment, Video, may be collectively deleted from your EnglishBoloTM account, but anonymized examination data, including your Assessment results and Video, may be kept indefinitely by EnglishBoloTM to improve the examination and for research and analysis.