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EnglishBolo Learning Channel

About Us

About EnglishBolo

EnglishBolo™, a joint initiative by EnglishHelper and Schoolnet, is an AI-powered English learning app to help learners improve their spoken English!

Learning English is challenging. English phonics are complex. Learners find it difficult to practise English in their daily lives.

EnglishBolo™ has been designed based on research on how languages are learnt. EnglishBolo™ teachers are trained to provide learners with a safe learning environment to practise.

EnglishBolo™ is an easy, affordable way to learn to speak English with confidence. Learners improve their vocabulary and gain fluency.

Collaborating Partners

EnglishHelper is an education technology company. The company was set up in the USA and is committed to changing millions of lives by providing affordable, technology-enabled English and learning solutions. EnglishHelper products are powered by expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics.

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Schoolnet India Limited aims to improve the quality, reach and delivery of education by leveraging technology. Schoolnet is committed to constantly innovate, to enhance the imparting of education, by placing the learner at the centre, and build platforms with teaching and learning solutions that improve and personalise the delivery and consumption of education.

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Message From Our Leaders

Sanjay Gupta

Global CEO, EnglishHelper

EnglishBolo is our pride and joy. We have brought the best of technology, learning science and the power of incredible teachers to create this program. We hope to reach millions and empower them with the ability to speak English confidently. Every learner is important and we wish each of you happy learning with EnglishBolo!

RCM Reddy

CEO, Schoolnet

EnglishBolo is very personal to me and Schoolnet. We are committed to delivering education to every Indian child, youth and adult wherever they are, whosoever they may be. We are delighted to leverage decades of experience to bring EnglishBolo to our learners. With EnglishBolo we have ensured nobody will ever be denied the opportunity to learn to speak English!